Our Evangelists

Our First Evangelists in India:

Chrisma Ministries to the Nations has adopted SERVE (Society for Evangelism and Rural Vocational Education) in Andhra Pradesh, India, the ministry founded and headed by Vijay Kumar.

Vijay is a young and widely respected Evangelist/Pastor, 30 years of age. He holds a masters degree in Civil Engineering but left his job after the Lord had called him into the ministry.

SERVE has several ministries in different parts of India, such as evangelism, church planting, primary schools, feeding and support programs. At this moment Vijay has 79 local evangelists ministering through SERVE, and their number is growing steadfastly. These evangelists live at the lowest economic standard in their society, but they are totally sold out for the gospel.

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During our missions to India we will be working with SERVE and the local churches to spread the gospel, empower many Evangelists and Pastors and visit some projects in different regions in India.

We want to encourage you to become MEP Partners, and consider a monthly donation, starting with EURO 50 for each evangelist, depending on the country they are residing. Your ministry, organization, church and you as an individual can work with us and support us to Multiplying Evangelists in different parts of the world. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Let us support these servants of God who are not able to access sufficient recourses while preaching this great message. Then they will be able to reach all people in the remote parts of the world.

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