Evangelism Gallery (More coming up)

The multitude of people attending our crusades are touched and moved by the power of the gospel.
Many young people are challenged by listening to the message of salvation.
And thousands are responding to the call for salvation when evangelist Eddy van Russel preaches the Good News.
This gospel is something worth to live for. 
Evangelist Drake Kanaabo, our friend and partner in saving precious souls, preaching powerfully.
People listening for hours to the preacher, while seeking shelter under the trees against the burning sun. 
Do you want to accept Jesus as your personal saviour and receive eternal life?
And from the mouth of thousands a whole-hearted yes is being heard over and over in our crusades.
Experiencing the power of salvation and the forgiveness of their sin in the Name of Jesus.
The prayer of faith for healing is common practice during the meetings.
God I know I can trust You for the impossible.
Come Lord and deliver me from this oppression.
The ministry of deliverance is a indispensable part of our ministry.
The devil and his demons have to go when this gospel is preached.
Demons causing insanity have to go in the Name of Jesus. Now this man is free.
Woman testifying about her deliverance from demons.
Blind man received clear sight after ev. Eddy van Russel released God's healing power upon the crowd. 
Deaf boy healed and being tested by the preacher, ev. Drake Kanaabo.