Empowering & Training Gallery

Our powerful conference for Evangelists in Kampala-Uganda. Hosted by Redeemed Crusades in partnership with Chrisma Ministries.
Attended by 5 hundred participants from 13 different countries in Africa
Hungry to hear from the Lord and to be thought how to be an effective evangelist in these days.. 
.. through the mouth of various International speakers.              Ev. Eddy van Russel teaching.
Those attending for three full days, untiringly and full of zeal, left the conference with a fresh anointing.
It was a time of great impartation. Ev. Drake Kanaabo from Redeemed Crusades preaching. 
A group of upcoming evangelists in Goma-DCR Congo were empowered and trained during our crusade there
One of Chrisma's key strategies to preach the gospel to all nations is to empower and train thousands of upcoming evangelists. We love them, coach them and work with their churches in our program says Ev. Eddy van Russel
Where ever Chrisma conducts its crusades we look for the evangelists, bring them together for training, heart to heart talks and impartation.  
Chrisma Ministries trained a team of evangelists from the Ggaba Community Church in Kampala.  
During our crusades we exposed them to our ministry and now they are part of our Great-Lakes team.
Anointed servants of God with a passion for souls.  
An extra dimension during our crusades in Suriname was my ministry to the youth.
Zealous and passionate Christians, ready to take the gospel to their people and their age-group.
The anointing and presence of the Lord in our midst was glorious 
It is with great pleasure and much love that I minister to young people.
They are wide open for the move of God in their lives and love to be mentored.
What a blessing!. These 3 photo's are taken during a conference for students in Nigeria.
Our ministry is also one of apostolic competency to the Church.
Bringing together and ministering to church leaders of different background in various parts of the world.
Where we are well received. Sometimes new churches are planted after our crusades  
Leaders seminar in Mubende -Uganda
Leaders seminar in Suriname
Seminar for Leaders in Ethiopia
Church revival meeting in Madagascar
Church revival meeting in Nigeria
Ggaba Community Church in Kampala - Uganda