Adventures Suriname

Suriname, a country located in South-America and sighted by Chritopher Columbus in 1498 is bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by French Guyana, on the south by Brazil, and on the west by British Guyana.

Experience the fascination of the virgin tropical rainforest, 80% of the country, with its beautiful flora and fauna. While canoeing on the many rivers and penetrating into the deep forest with an experienced guide, one is overwhelmed by the beauty, the diversity and excitement of the adventures jungle and the various game reserves. Itís like a paradise.

The many traditional villages in the inland are still inhabited by the descendants of the American Indian natives and descendants of the former slaves shipped from the west coast of Africa. While also descendants from former contract laborers from India, Indonesia and China are a significant part of the population.

There is still a small white population, mainly of Dutch origin as a result of its colonial time. Jews had also come (until mid- 19th century) from Portugal, Spain, and Italy, mainly by way of Brazil. Others came from France, Germany (the Herrnhutters), and Great Britain. Read more about its history on Britannica website.

One will be amazed by the unique wooden colonial houses in the capital Paramaribo. The native language is a mixture of all these influences, while Dutch remained the mother language. The society is a melting pot of all kind of boisterous cultures and religions as one can enjoy the variety of the Surinam kitchen.





Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb.13:8)

The evangelism campaigns conducted by Karel Hoekendijk a Dutch evangelist and founder of the Streams of Power movement, were the start of a nationwide revival. What was intended as a four days rally lasted for more then four months in the early sixties.

When the evangelist arrived in Surinam, he offered his service to the leaders of the traditional churches. They closed their doors for him, after which he came to know a handful of local believers who were interested in his ministry.

God always has a remnant of faithful believers in any place or country, in order to bring revival. They decided to accommodate his meetings in theatre Thalia in Paramaribo, as they began in October 1961.

Thousands of people from all backgrounds and cultures came from all over the city and other districts to the place of meeting and got saved, healed, set free from demonic powers. It was the talk of the town and even right on the streets of Paramaribo miracles were taking place. The news papers and radio stations were the news channels God was using to spread it.

The newly born-again believers were taught and discipled during bible study meetings and baptized in water and the Spirit, despite of strong opposition from the traditional churches.

After four months of continuous revival meetings in Paramaribo and other towns and villages, the evangelist, his wife and family were ordered by the government to leave the country, after some leaders from the traditional churches filed false charges against them.

Praise God! Some new spiritual leaders were raised, speedily trained and commissioned to continue the work. Most of the existing Pentecostal churches are an direct or indirect result of this revival.




Something great is coming.. Chrisma also is preparing for this

During the above mentioned revival I got saved at the age of 18, after many members of our family, mother, sisters, grand parents, aunts, cousins and nieces got saved. Shortly after my conversion I was baptized in water and in the Holy Ghost.

After that the Lord started to call me and my girlfriend (now my dear wife) into ministry with prophetic words coming to us concerning global evangelistic ministry. Praise God, all these words came to pass and gradually we were launched into international evangelism, having preached with signs and miracles following in many nations around the world, whereby tens of thousands of people got saved,.

Chrisma Ministries to the Nations has had some major crusades and leaders seminars in the past in Suriname, in partnership with the majority of the churches. Because of the favorable time for preaching the gospel we believe that our upcoming events will be a great contribution to the rapid growth of the Church. 

The prophetic word that came to us during our national crusades and seminars in 2002, that God was sending a hunger in the land, not a hunger for bread, nor thirst for water, but for hearing  the words of the Lord, is already coming to pass. 

We are seeing that the whole country is being prepared by the Lord of the harvest for a mighty spiritual revival. Several church leaders and many believers are pouring their hearts out to God during daily prayer meetings. Sinners are getting saved and the Lord is preparing the spiritual ground of Surinam in a unique way. 

The powers of darkness are also trying to maintain their territories, but the King of glory, the Lord of hosts is about to enter the gates of the country with His angels. By His power and authority He is commanding the gates to be lifted up -Psalm 24- and nothing is going to stop Him of visiting Suriname in His glory again. 

My vision for the Church in Suriname is to become a sending church as the one in Thessalonica in the early days of the bible. I strongly believe that the ministry of the church in Thessalonica, covering their region and beyond (1 Thessalonians 1: 4-8), is also Godís plan and destiny for the Church of Suriname. They, as the apostle Paul wrote, became imitators of his team and of the Lord. They became a model to all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia. The Lordís message rang out from them not only in Macedonia and Achaia; also their faith in God had become known everywhere.

The apostle Paul teaches about the gentiles coming into their fullness (Rom.11:25).  Itís time for the Church in Suriname to prepare it selves, with a commitment to Godís mandate, and begin working out a strategic plan to touch, reach and impact the nations in their region and beyond, putting aside past hurts, divisions and strife. By doing this - not from a possitional or title but from a functional operation - corporate leadership and consequently the Body of Christ in Suriname will effectuate the apostolic anointing, which they received at the founding in the sixties, through the ministry of the Dutch apostle Karel Hoekendijk.

Letís join hands and see Godís Kingdom manifested,
Evangelist Eddy van Russel