Peru November - December 2009

 Ministering during the Apostolic conference







 Ministering to university students






 Pastor Sergio Allauca, prophetic ministry to leaders








 Michel van Kempen, assisting with ministry







One of the important and powerful aspects of our ministry is the apostolic anointing to reach out to and empower leaders from different background in the cities we visit.

So, together with Pastor Sergio Allauca from Cusco we ministered to the local leaders in every city and church we went in Peru. In two cities there were revelations and warnings from the Lord concerning the spiritual situation of the leaders and the city.

It is our burden to see the Church moving in its full spiritual capacity.

I had a great opportunity to minister to hundreds of Christian university students in Tarapoto. This was a very exiting occurrence, I believe one with divine impact in the lives of these "hungry" students. The church which hosted us has a strong ministry among these students, and as a result of this these students got saved and became dedicated believers.

There are two universities in the city, with a lot of witchcraft and satanism practices. I am invited to go back to Tarapoto for intensive ministry among these students.

It was a blessing to have Pastor Serio Allauca ministering in the prophetic realm. Upon his invitation I went to Peru and we ministered side by side. He hosted the Apostolic conference in Cusco and coordinated all my meetings.

Another remarkable thing that happened to me during the time in Lima: I met a young preacher residing in Lima by the name of Michel van Kempen.

The special thing about Michel is that he is from Suriname origin. Michel traveled with me during the last three days of my trip.

I ministered to him and now he, as a testified later on, moves in a much stronger anointing then before. For me this was a divine appointment, in line with our vision for Suriname and the Americas. Hallelujah!

New doors have been opened for us in Peru and also in the neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Chili, Paraguay and Ecuador.

May God bless you, as you read this report!